A Refuge Centre - The Agape Centre

The AGAPE centre is a residential safe space for children aged from 5 to 17 years to grow well. These children would otherwise be begging on the streets or selling worthless items in order to eat and support their families. When on the streets they are left vulnerable - exposed to drugs, alcohol abuse and sexual exploitation.

The center includes:

  • 1 living room to eat, relax, learn and play
  • 1 kitchen to cook nutritious meals and snacks
  • 1 clean toilet to give them access to proper sanitary
  • 1 classroom to study and do homework
  • 2 decent bathrooms for their hygiene
  • 1 office for administrative and stocking purpose
  • An extra room which has to be converted into a dormotory for kids with no homes.

Agape Centre

The AGAPE centre provides the following to the children: