We are an association founded by dynamic women and men having the fear of God. Our aim is to positively impact on our environmenT

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AGAPE is a non-profit organisation, which originated from the desire to help children in difficulty, most of whom beg in the streets of Douala. In 2012 or so, the president and founder Adama Traore-Wega, who recently returned to Cameroon with her husband, was concerned by the regular presence of children she saw in the streets, in front of supermarkets, pharmacies and other businesses at all times of the day. At first, she gave them money like everyone else; later, she became more interested in the stories of the children she saw regularly.

The AGAPE Association aims to work in a multidimensional way to support vulnerable children in order to facilitate the optimisation of their social, educational and professional status.

vulnerable in order to facilitate the optimisation of their social, educational and professional status and their integration into society.

The specific objective is to improve the living conditions of vulnerable children, withdrawn from the streets where they begged or worked. the street where they begged or worked, offering them a safe environment, conducive to their education, their socialisation, their learning of community life, as well as the respect of basic hygiene rules.


The AGAPE association was officially recognized on July 18, 2017 by the State of Cameroon as a PSO (Private Social Work) in accordance with ARRETE N ° 2017 / AS / 0022 / A / MINAS / CAB /IG / I2 of July 18, 2017 carrying definitive authorization for the opening and operation of the Private Social Work named "CENTRE AGAPE". Proof that AGAPE meets the requirements of the ministry in charge of government policy on safeguarding the interests of the child.

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