AGAPE is a non-profit organisation, which originated from the desire to help children in difficulty, most of whom begged in the streets of Douala.

The Centre

The center is located in Japoma, Douala, it is built on about 600 m2. It is to host when completed:

1 Reception Room

1 Office

3 Dormitories

1 Multipurpose Room

1 Study Room

2 Kitchens

4 Bathrooms with an extension of 6 external bathrooms and  6 toilets

1 Infirmary

1 Tutor Room

1 Appartment for tutor

1 Training Hall

Pictures of the new centre



The AGAPE centre is a residential safe space for children aged from 5 to 17 years to grow well. These children would otherwise be begging on the streets or selling worthless items in order to eat and support their families. When on the streets they are left vulnerable - exposed to drugs, alcohol abuse and sexual exploitation.

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