AGAPE is a non-profit organisation, which originated from the desire to help children in difficulty, most of whom begged in the streets of Douala.

Who we are

The Board Members

Adama Traore-Wega
My dream is see our AGAPE children becoming balanced, happy and successful people in the future.
About Me
I have to start by saying that I am just the name to display God' love (AGAPE) in so many people working for AGAPE. "I am a lover and follower of Jesus. I am originally from Mali and Canadian. My husband Georges is Cameroonian. We have 4 children. I have lived, studied, and worked in 8 different countries on 3 continents. I hold a Bachelor in Medical Biology from Canada and a Business Diploma from the UK. I initially worked for the Canadian Government in Ottawa, then in Brussels. Due to family expatriations, I have been involved in different projects involving children or not: President of the PTO, at the American School of Douala, Founder and General Manager of a PlayCenter, Board member at ICSA, Coordinator for Moms in Prayer Ministry, Consultant in Translation... With my husband, we have always had the passion to be helpful to the African continent and the world. My love and concern for the wellbeing and success of children around me is reflected in my occupations. Seeing children in the street, mistreated or in vulnerable conditions simply overwhelms me. My heart just cries out in despair. This is actually one of the reasons which motivated me to initiate the AGAPE Project. My strong faith in God is what gave me the strength to start the project and drive it. My dream is to see our AGAPE children living their true destiny, becoming balanced, happy and successful people in the future. I hope they will all have a decent job and a balanced family one day. I feel so much joy not seeing them in the streets anymore working or begging under the sun or the rain; but going to school, eating, playing and learning like any other children of their own age! I highly plead with everyone to keep giving and sharing love the way they can in order to change lives and our world to a better one; one step at a time. AGAPE has made me encounter many humbling and extraordinary situations and people. Working for AGAPE has not been easy everyday, but each time I thought about dropping out, a miracle simply happened... and everything continued... I am so blessed to serve on this project and the children in it! Thank you on my behalf and on behalf of every AGAPE child for sharing your time, talents, advice, hard earned money and love to make AGAPE possible. Be simply blessed!"
Nadya Mukete
Vice President
I have so much passion in helping the underprivileged ones and I see it as an orderly way of helping them.
About Me

My name is Nadya Biaka epouse Mukete Josephine. I am a Cameroonian and was born in Lagos, Nigeria.

I hold a degree in Medical Laboratory Science and I am presently the CEO of UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS, which is a trucking transportation company based in Douala where I reside. 

I have been working and supporting the less privileged (street children and orphans)for over 17 years.

I joined the Agape Center because I have so much passion in helping the underprivileged ones and I see it as an orderly way of helping them. Orderly in the sense that these children will grow normally in a right environment and also have the same opportunities as their peers in other parts of the world. 

I am a Christian and also a leader in my local church assembly. I am married to the Paramount Ruler of Kumba and the Bafaws and we are blessed with four children and a son-in-law.

Rosalind Tubman Brown
Train us the child in the way that he should grow and when he is old he will not depart from it" Proverb 22:6
About Me
I am Rosalind Tubman Brown a native of Liberia and I consider Cameroon my second home. I hold a graduate degree in International Education specializing in Development and an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance. Currently I work in the Financial Services Industry. I am married with 2 children. "Children are a heritage from the Lord" Psalm 127:3 I believe that every child is full of potential and that despite the cards they are dealt, with help and God's grace, they can push through their ceilings and succeed. This is why I joined the AGAPE team. AGAPE aims to create an environment that refocuses street kids and gives them the opportunity to be "kids", to be nurtured, to know God, to learn, to dream and to realize their dream. Bringing hope where there is no hope. Join us to contribute to the development of Cameroon and develop future leaders. "Train us the child in the way that he should grow and when he is old he will not depart from it" Proverb 22:6

The Founding Members

Mrs. Adama Traoré-Wega
Mrs. Nadya Mukete
Vice President
Mrs. Patricia Tope
General Secretary
Ms. Rosalind Brown

Other Founding Member

Mr. Armstrong Chirk's expertise and availability has been instrumental in the creation of the AGAPE Association and the AGAPE Center.

The Management Team

Yvette Ngo Yibedeg
General Coordinator of the Center
Ruth Kemdjeu
Matron of The Center
Germain Gatsi
Responsable of the Children, the Construction and the Sollicitations
Mme Zobo
Social Service Worker

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