AGAPE is a non-profit organisation, which originated from the desire to help children in difficulty, most of whom begged in the streets of Douala.

Our History


AGAPE is a non-profit organization, which originated from the desire to help children in difficulty, most of whom begged in the streets of Douala.

IN 2012

Mrs Adama Traore-Wega, moved to Cameroon with her family, got concerned by the regular presence of children she saw in the streets, in front of supermarkets, pharmacies and other businesses at all times of the day. At first, she gave them money like everyone else; later, she became concerned by the fate of the children she saw regularly.

2012 - 2013

She got to know them, they confided that they begged, were street selling or other activities such as scrap metal collection, in order to provide for their own basic needs (food, schooling) and their families’ in some cases. Some were expelled from school for small amounts of money not having been paid. She helped them by asking to show her their report cards in exchange. They did eagerly at the end of the term when they met each other. She realized that if not helped, they would continue to be exposed to multiple dangers of the streets (school dropout, substance abuse, assault, sexual slavery …). She reflected on a permanent way to help.


In 2013, helped by Armstrong Chirk, she shared with them the idea of creating a center. Together they agreed that the center would be a second home for them: to keep them away from the dangers of the streets, to develop themselves by eating, playing, learning, watching TV, but most of all, by going to school. Most of them agreed and some of them were even relieved about this interview. To do so, she rallied relatives, friends and co-funders Mrs Nadya Mukete, Mrs Rosalind Brown, Mrs Patricia Tope, to this cause and the adventure began with the creation of the AGAPE association, which led to the establishment of the AGAPE Center. 

March 11, 2013

Birth of the AGAPE association, a non-profit organization registered in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 90/053 of Cameroon of December 19, 1990 on the freedom of association. 

May 10, 2013

AGAPE association was registered at the Prefecture of Wouri under number 220/2013/RDA/C19/SAAJP; where it was signed on and then opened its doors in September 2013.

September 2013
  • AGAPE center opened its doors.
  • March 2016: Partnership signed with SOLENCA Association who paid the rent in New Bell 
  • May 2016: AGAPE and SOLENCA bought the 1488 m2 of land in Japoma
  • September 2019: Construction works by AGAPE and SOLENCA begins
October 2021

October 2021 The Japoma Center built on about 600 m2 is inaugurated with finishing work ongoing

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