AGAPE is a non-profit organisation, which originated from the desire to help children in difficulty, most of whom begged in the streets of Douala.

The Children

Agape children


Children who now have a Normal life. Some are from very poor families  Some don’t have families or have socially complicated families  Some were in the street (street selling or selling) Some were of the street (obliged to live in the streets)

They have two profiles

The Japoma profile: they were characterized by extremely difficult living conditions in a family environment. Their age allows them to be taken care of in an institution. Indeed the regulations of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Cameroon do not allow children over 18 years old to be taken care of in an institution. Those ones live in the Japoma Center.

The New-Bell profiles: Some of those youth are over 18 years old (because they integrated the educational system later, they will finish their schools later). The other part is girls. The structure does not allow us to consider care in a mixed institution. The common point is that AGAPE finances their studies, takes care of their health and follows them within their families. 

They are aged from 10 to 22 years old. The level of study also varies from CM1 (grade 4) to 1st year of university.

Many of the children were victims of child labor; begging, street selling or working to survive or sustain their families. Some were in need of education, manners, and ethics. Now at the AGAPE center, they live a normal childhood in a safe environment, they are educated, they socialize, learn to live in a community, respect rules of hygiene and have high moral standards ethics.

Their Achievements 

Some statistics on the children


has obtained a high school baccalaureate


have successfully passed The Probatoire (11th grade diploma)


have had a BEPC (middle school diploma)


is in training in electricity, refrigeration and air conditioning

Young people with a BEPC and CAP are employed in companies as storekeepers and maintenance agents

The Impact

For the children

We facilitate their integration into the society, with the aim of offering them a future as complete individuals, earning their life honestly, contributing positively to the success of the society.

For the community

They become citizens who contribute socially and economically to the evolution of the society, by forming stronger family cells morally ant spiritually.

Reduce juvenile delinquency, disease, crime, poverty, illegal immigration, to contribute to more peaceful and prosperous nation.


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