Projet de construction à Japoma d’un centre d’accueil pour jeunes en difficulté, de familles démunies et pour enfants des rues.

After a long search, AGAPE, with the immense help of its partner association SOLENCA, has finally found and acquired a plot of land with a surface area of 1500 m², located in the Japoma area. This will establish the association in a more spacious and permanent setting, better suited to its needs and those of the children. This was in May 2016.

The land title of the AGAPE association

After a long period of waiting, the title deed for the plot of land jointly purchased by AGAPE and SOLENCA for the construction of the future AGAPE Centre is finally available. It is with great joy that we received this news at the end of May 2018


Building permit for the future AGAPE Centre in Japoma

It took some time. But once it was available on 13 June 2019, things accelerated. It was out of the question for our partner SOLENCA and us to commit to it without this document.

Donation from Addax Petroleum for the electrification of the future centre

The Addax company has shown its support for the construction of the future AGAPE Centre, by taking charge of the cost of electrification of the new building. This is how the electrical equipment was made available to the centre's managers. And thanks to the help of Mr. Aliyou, a friend and fervent supporter of AGAPE who lives near the construction site, we were able to store this equipment at his home. This was done so that it would be immediately accessible when the construction site started.


The first five months of 2020 at the AGAPE Center

 The first five months of 2020 at the AGAPE Center was peaceful, and unusually, lacking in events. It started with the outing to Tchop and Yamo, as a reward for the young people who behaved well and who had good results at the end of the first quarter. It was then marked by the participation in the coordination meeting of associations and private social works (OSP), organized by the departmental delegate of social affairs, at the Reception and Observation Center of Bépanda Omnisports (CAO). This period was also marked by the resumption of work on the new AGAPE Center in Japoma.

These first five months of 2020 at the AGAPE Center ended with the Aliyou family's visit and donation; but also with the interviews in order to manage the period of stoppage of the courses and for the measures to be taken to block the road to the spread of the virus

  The year 2020 has started well at the AGAPE Center. The young people who worked well and who had an exemplary attitude during the first trimester were able to benefit from an outing to Tchop and Yamo. It is this fast food located on the other side of the city, in Bonamoussadi.

The young people were very happy, especially the girls! Living close to their schools, it is not always easy for them to go as far from home. They were able to discover a little more about the city, a new district and especially Tchop and Yamo. They were delighted with this great experience. The less deserving, who often had the opportunity to go there a few times for big outings, promised to work better during the second quarter; to deserve a nice reward too.

 It is always fashionable to work closely with social services. Because they are the ones who make our actions legitimate. Ordinarily, we hold one meeting per quarter. It was the first meeting of the year. This is how we took part, as with each request from the head of the social center and the departmental and regional delegates, for coordination meetings often focused on raising awareness, debriefing and exchanges on the progress of activities on the ground, while noting the various difficulties constituting an obstacle to the proper functioning of these. These meetings are also moments of meetings between the promoters, staff and supervisors of the different organizations, who have the opportunity to share their various experiences on various subjects or on specific concerns.

Mr. Aliyou and his wife are considered as the godfather and godmother of the AGAPE Center. They are always in contact and act behind the scenes. They thought of the young people in the center and brought them provisions on March 8. Especially a fundamental element at the moment, the hydroalcoholic gel.

 Following some misunderstandings and difficulties noted on the ground, the site had to stop for a moment, thus being considerably delayed. It became difficult to work and take a break every week, to think about how to get around a problem we were facing. Some of these difficulties even required small modifications to the plans. It was therefore wise to review the entire project, in order to anticipate, adjust and make changes to all the sensitive parts of the construction. 

Do not we say that: "even the best plan in the world depends on its execution on the ground ''? Work resumed during the month of March. We hope to be able to leave without major concern, until full delivery And despite the current context dominated by the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic, we remain confident and optimistic, knowing that we could always count on you and on your unwavering support, regarding the supply of financial and material resources for the project, at the end of this calamitous episode.

The government's decision to put in place some restrictive measures in the middle of March, such as closing schools to stop the spread of the virus, was welcomed by the Cameroonian people. But only the establishment of a number of measures is not enough. It is important to think about their implementation, their control and their follow-up. It was at this point that we c it appropriate to speak with the young people from the center on the one hand, and with their parents and them jointly on the other. It was a question of letting those who still do not know it know that this virus is a reality. And that is why the schools had to send the children home. It was essential to make it clear to young people and their parents why the schools were closed. To allow them to stay at home in order to limit the spread of the virus, and not for anything else (walks, playing soccer ...). To this end, we have also given young people outside the center leave until further notice, in order to avoid movement between their homes and the center. Their parents also needed to understand this, so that there were no misunderstandings, and so that they did not feel that their children had been left out of the program. After clarifying things, we focused on prevention, hygiene measures and other measures to put into practice to avoid contamination as much as possible. It was an interesting exercise, which allowed parents and children to learn about this disease, and to take care of the various recommendations made by health professionals. Finally, we have implemented one of the simplest measures, that of systematic hand washing. We all put it in practice.

    The growing threat of the virus has prompted the authorities in Cameroon, as elsewhere in the world, to temporarily close schools, training centers, universities, university institutes and professional colleges. It was out of the question to anticipate the second quarter holidays by crossing our arms and playing against the clock. But quite simply to furnish your days as well as possible, as if you were at school. It is an exercise to which the young people complied without the slightest difficulty.